(See samples of our work at Case Histories.)

  • "Truth be told, your work was the genesis of our brand's revival.  I got more out of that positioning than any other piece of research in my career."
- Advertising Director
InfoWorld (IDG)

  • "The true value of any sales training system (plus research and sales tools) is its net impact on the street.  Here's where I ended up in my territory: new business - 6 new accounts; major new business - 4 of the biggest players in the game, with 4 running with us exclusively and 6 committing to extensive schedules."
- Account Manager, Golf Publishing Enterprises

  • "The research information was recently used by (one of my reps) in a PowerPoint presentation to her biggest advertiser, and it really helped close Internet business."
- Publisher, Reed Business Information

  • "The staff was very excited with the presentation.  Even our skeptic was happy with the research.  He said, 'This is something I can use.'  That's about as excited as he gets."
- Publisher, Industrial Equipment News (Thomas Publishing)

  • "The case studies you provided helped me more than all the research done for us in the last half decade ... I use them to the max. NO ONE ELSE has done anything like this. This is the single most impressive sales tool you could put into our hands, and we will need something powerful."
- Independent Sales Representative, Reed Business Information

  • "Marty, you made me money ... many times.  I owe you lunch."

- Account Manager (Advantage Business Media)

  • "Sitting at O'Hare today I put my finger on why your presentation engaged me.  Your approach, especially the media hierarchy and its clear pyramid visual of the position each medium could play in a Business Development Plan, was very unique.  After your sessions it will be a lot easier for me to weave them together to meet a client's needs."
- National Accounts Manager, Farm Journal Media

  • "Business is booming - thanks in no small measure to the research you helped us with.  We finished the year as the fastest growing publication in the entire industry and are out of the gate very quickly this year."
- VP Group Publisher, Boucher Communications

  • "Marty Akel is a true professional who understands the media business. I've collaborated with him on shaping powerful sales stories through the use of market research and tapping into his wealth of marketing experience. If you're in the media business and you have a challenge with your marketing or sales efforts, you should contact Marty Akel."
- Publisher, Exec. VP/Co-Founder (Unisphere Media)

  • "I just finished reviewing your (research) report.  This is great. Our sales team is going to 'eat this up.' What great information to arm them with for their fall sales calls.  It all reads great -- fantastic talking points."
- Publisher, Scientific Market (Advantage Business Media)

  • "Your work is extremely valuable and very appreciated by all who work with you.  This information will be pivotal to our go forward strategy."
- Senior Vice President, Nielsen

  • "Excellent presentation and survey.  If they don't give us more business they're nuts."
- National Accounts Mgr., Medical World Communications

  • "Wow. This gives us good ammo for the selling season.  But more important - we have proof of reader involvement/acceptance that will go a long way in converting those 'lets see how it goes' advertisers who took a wait and see."
- Publisher (media launch), Reed Business Information

  • "As far as the presentation goes -- I believe the quote of the day was 'I was totally blown away ... that was one of the best presentations I've ever seen.'"
- VP Group Publisher, Medical World Communications
  • "Your efforts on PrimeSource made a significant contribution to a very successful launch.  Your attention to detail combined with an appreciation of the big picture makes your work unique and valuable."
- VP Electronic Products, Chilton

  • "This is SO EXCITIING!  Thanks for your expertise, your advice, your fine brain ... thank your mother, etc."
- VP Group Publisher, Medical World Communications

  • "It looks as though Patient Care is off to another good start -- you contributed significantly to that." (sales up 18%)
- Senior VP, Medical Economics Company

  • "We love the Inside Dentistry study results and the format of the report. Thank you for what appears to be a beautiful execution of this study. And these (direct mail brochures) are very, very good.  Love the approach.  You've managed our investment money well."
- President, Aegis Communications
  • "The freshness and clarity of your perspective of the BTN brand within the corporate travel marketplace and the competitive set is truly inspiring for my sales team and me."
- Publisher, Business Travel News (Nielsen)

  • "Well Martin, I'll say one thing.  You're damn good at what you do. This (research) report is excellent and comprehensive.  It certainly sets our course with CHEM.INFO."
- Publisher, Advantage Business Media

  • "I took the entire Hearing Journal study with me on 4 appts last week, and the response I got was tremendous. There was a psychological thing that happened in seeing (the) data, and they were very impressed."
- Sales Manager, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

  • "The District Administration 'Survey of Buying Power' has been a HUGE HIT with the sales force.  Initial discussions have begun on Phase II."

- Marketing Manager, Professional Media Group LLC

  • "Saying you left the team and myself feeling 'charged' about the new sales tools would be saying it mildly."
- Marketing Manager, Nielsen

  • "As we dig deeper into this business it gets more challenging to define our value. It's great to have you working with us ... especially in difficult times. Your help is important."
- Sales Manager, Elsevier Science
  • "Your two day sales training session was comparable to the Communispond course I took years ago.  Clear, concise, informative, very well presented. I fully intend to incorporate your 'teachings' into my daily sales pitches.  Being the senior sales guy, I like to be the example of 'you can teach old dogs new tricks.'"
- Account Manager, Farm Journal Media

  • "I must tell you how impressive the whole 3 day workshop was.  I've been to a few of these things before, but none have been so complete, professional and thought provoking as this one.  It's obvious why Gordon is so successful."
- Sales Representative, Gordon Publications

  • "Wanted to thank you for a great meeting.  The presentations were outstanding and the information extremely valuable.  I've been in meetings with Marty before but he outdid himself.  Please compliment him on an excellent job."
- Account Manager, Chilton

  • "Thanks for your help in putting us on track.  The training and work on the presentation was time well spent.  I used the research on a sales call on Monday afternoon, and it allowed me to open the door to a decision maker higher on the ladder."
- Account Manager, Golf Publishing Enterprise

  • "Thank you for the job you did during our sales meeting.  It was the highlight of the day and really turned around some people's thinking, who needed turning around."
- Publisher, Edgell Communications

  • "Just got to review the results of the two surveys and they look phenomenal.  It clearly looks like our intended positions for both brands will be well supported."
- Vice President, Publishing Director (Nielsen)

  • "Looking forward to the PPT and to doing a clean sweep of my territory with the new research! Now we can prove what we have been saying all along ... I think it is really going to open some eyes and help us out there."

- Account Manager, ECN (Reed Business Information)

(See samples of our work at Case Histories.)

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