• Training On Your Brand's Enhanced Market Positions
  • Training On Contemporary Topics For Media Sales
  • Training Media Managers - Publishers And Sales Directors

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1. Training Your Sales Team On Enhanced Positions

Once Akel & Associates has helped develop a stronger market position for your brand, conducted research and/or created new sales tools, the final step is training.  We work directly with your sales team to be sure they fully understand the concepts and details, and how to implement them in the field.  Comments from  previous attendees ...
  • "The presentation was even better than I expected.  Our sales team was completely impressed by the thoroughness of the information and the organization of the material around the basic sales points.  In my experience, it may be the most usable subscriber study I have seen.  They will use it and get business as a result."
- Group Publisher, Boucher Communications

  • "The guys told me the sales meeting was fantastic.  They all enjoyed the market discussion.  In fact, I was in Boston with Hal the last two days and he used a lot of the info you discussed in the meeting."
- Ad Director, InfoWorld Media (IDG)

  • "The freshness and clarity of your perspective of the BTN brand within the corporate travel marketplace and the competitive set is truly inspiring for my sales team and me."
- Publisher, Business Travel News (Nielsen)

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2. Training On Topics For Contemporary Media Sales

Whether your sales team is experienced or relatively new to our business, they can all benefit from workshops on contemporary media sales issues.  Examples of topics:

Workshop #1: "Problem/Solution Positioning -- The Way To Present
                         A More Customer-Focused Sales Story"

  • Objective: Help salespeople understand why and how proper market positioning can help them sell more advertising across their full suite of products ... by communicating a more holistic, more meaningful, more compelling picture of their media brand.
  • Why positioning is more critical than ever -- to break away from the commodity, look-alike syndrome (i.e., selling only with the editorial calendar, audit statistics, list of media products, etc.).
  • The power of "problem-solution" selling: making clients uncomfortable about their current marketing or media approaches, then positioning your media product as a unique solution to the marketer's problems.  Sales reps learn a "consultative" approach to positioning.

Workshop #2: "Positioning The Print Medium In A Multimedia World"
  • Objective: Despite the fact that most reps now sell a suite of media, print advertising often continues to generate a major share of the brand's revenue.  This workshop educates or reminds attendees about the ongoing value of print.  Industry research is reviewed regarding topics such as ...
            - How communications programs accelerate and shorten
               the brand adoption process.

            - How b-to-b publications continue as the primary branding medium.

            - The strength of b-to-b publications as a continuing education medium.

            - The power of print advertising in shaping product awareness/perceptions.

Workshop #3: "Selling The Complementary Roles Of
                         Media In The Integrated Mix "

  • Objective: Today's sales reps are being asked to sell an increasing number of media products - print, e-media, face-to-face.  But while they likely know how to describe each option, most are not educating clients on why the various elements in the proposal make sense as a fully "integrated" program. 
  • This presentation demonstrates a much more meaningful way to present integrated programs.  It shows how the various components in the proposed media mix complement one another and help the advertiser's products move forward in the adoption process. Following the session, sales reps will be able to help advertisers understand ...
            - What "branding" is and its importance in the product adoption process.
            - The variables used to evaluate each media option in the branding process.

            - The complementary roles of different media options in the branding process.

Workshop #4: "The Specific Positioning Points Of B-to-B Media Brands"
  • Objective: Sales reps frequently describe different elements in a brand's sales story (editorial, circulation, etc.).  But they often fail to interpret what each element means from the advertiser's point of view ... i.e., why each is a solution to helping the vendor in the sales process.  This workshop examines all of the elements and trains your sales team on the proper interpretations.

Workshop #5: "Developing Responses To Real Life Objections"
  • Objective: Help media salespeople understand that they are capable of developing responses and solutions to the objections they face day-to-day.
            - Based on real life objections submitted by participants prior to the session.

            - Attendees are guided to develop multiple solutions to each objection.

            - Solutions are typed up and distributed after the meeting.

Workshop #6: "Selling To Upper Management"
  • Objective: Give salespeople additional incentive and methods to make sales calls at higher levels within their advertiser's organizations (vs. ad agencies).
           - Why getting to upper management is more critical today.

           - When to attempt to sell to upper management.

           - Practical suggestions for getting to upper management.

           - How to persuade upper management.

Workshop #7: "The Structure & Flow of An Effective Sales Call
  • Objective: Provide initial or reminder education on the essentials that make up the steps in a sales call. Examines the components required to build and maintain business.  Topics covered ...
            - Getting The Appointment
            - Preparing For The Call
            - Discovering Through Questioning
            - Establishing The Problem Situation   
            - Positioning The Media Brand As The Solution
            - Making The Presentation & Proposal
            - Asking For The Order
            - Overcoming Objections
            - Getting Action/Agreement
            - Follow up

Additional Sales Workshops: Additional types of training sessions are available ... as are workshops custom-built for your sales staff's specific requirements.

2. Training Media Managers -- Publishers And Sales Directors

Workshop: "The Sales Manager As A Leader"

  • Objective: Give media managers a framework to help evolve from "managers" into "leaders" ... enhancing their abilities to win through their sales staffs. Topics covered:
            - Establishing A Mission
        - Setting Specific Goals
        - Conveying An Expectancy Of Success
        - Providing The Necessary Support
        - Asking Questions And Listening
        - Providing Feedback On Performance
        - Providing Rewards
        - Praising And Recognizing The Salesperson's Achievements

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