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1. Positioning Your Brand To Advertisers

Over the years Akel & Associates has analyzed the ad sales stories of hundreds of media brands.  And the majority make the same mistake ...
  • They focus on their brand's incomparable content, a few audience statistics, and the myriad of ways in which vendors can now spend money with the brand (print, online, Webcasts, custom media, etc.).
What's wrong with that?  It's wrong because it leaves the vendor's selfish interest
(to sell product!) out of the equation.  And it's wrong because all brands say the same thing and thus become even more subject to price negotiation.

So -- how do you make a media brand's sales story more distinct, more imperative? It starts by thinking like your customer -- by understanding what the marketers'  problems are.  Then, you position your brand as an uncommon solution to the issues that keep vendors up at night. 
  • Sound simple? Yes.  Is it consultative selling?  Yes.  Is this approach violated by media companies all the time?  Absolutely.
If you'd like to see examples of how Akel & Associates has helped position b-to-b media brands more effectively, click on "Case Histories."

2. Positioning To Your Audience

There are two urgent reasons to gain more intelligence about the content your audience desires, the media via which they want to access it, and their reaction to your editorial mission and execution ...

Protect Your Audience:
  • Your audience is your most irreplaceable asset.  And relying on gut instinct alone as to the type of content they desire, in print versus e-media, puts that asset at serious risk.
Draw Distinctions For Marketers:
  • Vendors are confused about today's media options.  Demonstrating that you're providing the right content via the right medium builds confidence that multimedia investments with your properties make sense.
How can you gain better insight into the proper editorial mission and the optimum content/media mix?  Akel & Associates can help:
  • PRINT Editorial Audits: First, with a market-wide editorial audit of your publication.  The objective -- avoid audience attrition and strengthen your print property (which is likely the foundation of your brand and may still be the largest revenue generator).
  • E-MEDIA Editorial Audits: Secondly, with an editorial audit of your Website, e-newsletters, Webinars, podcasts, blogs, etc. The objective -- cause current visitors to return to your site more frequently and to determine which e-media your audience actually desires.
For more details, click on Research and scroll to Editorial Audit Studies.

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