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1. An Approach Based On Extensive Experience

Akel & Associates is a marketing consulting firm specializing in working
with media companies.  Prior to opening his own firm in 1987,
Martin Akel was employed by these media organizations:

   - Cahners Publishing (Reed)
   - Folio: Publishing Company
   - Dun & Bradstreet
   - Medical Economics Publishing
   - Gordon Publications/

     Elsevier Business Press

His roles spanned the range of sales and marketing/management positions, including sales representative, director of marketing and group publisher. 

Today, Akel & Associates helps media brands build sales through four integrated services:

2. Applying A Distinct Marketing Philosophy

"First make the potential client uncomfortable about their current situation ...
then position your publication, e-media properties, events, databases
or other services as a unique solution to the client's problem."

Our philosophy ~ go beyond traditional approaches that focus mostly on the product being sold.  Rather, we use a "problem/solution",  consultative technique that compels clients to pay closer attention to a medium's position:

STEP 1 - THE CLIENT'S PROBLEM:  We start by making your clients uncomfortable -- about the market in which they compete ... about changes affecting their ability to sell products ... about their competitors ... about their ability to contact customers ... about anything that will make them  less certain about their product's future.  We  make sure they understand the problems they face in bringing products to market.

STEP 2 - YOUR MEDIA BRAND AS THE SOLUTION:  Only then do we position your company or media brand.  And we position it as a unique solution to your clients' core problems.  We present it as essential to accomplishing their organization's sales and marketing goals.

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